Tasks – Using Inventory in a Batch Task

In Albert, all Inventory items used in Tasks are interlinked. When inventory is used or consumed during a task, Albert will automatically update the inventory in real-time and show updated results. This way, you will see real-time inventory information and you can plan in advance before starting Tasks.

There are two ways in which an inventory item is consumed in Albert:

Consumption of raw materials during a Batch Task

  1. After you designed your formula, created the batch task, and claimed the task you can start the task.

  2. Use the Saved Filters to search for the Batch Task you are interested in.

  3. Confirm that the task is already started (in progress) or start the Batch Task. 
  4. If you have access to the project, you will be able to "Click here to view data".
    The formulation details are blurred in order to prevent unauthorized access to the formula.
  5. Based on the chosen raw materials for the formula, you will then be prompted to follow the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) requirements needed for the handling of these raw materials. 

  6. The formulation details for the each formula are displayed as below. 



  7. Select the raw material you are going to use by clicking the correct next to the material name.

    Albert will expand the raw material with a list of the available lots for that specific raw material.

  8. Select the exact lot by either scanning the bar on the bottle or by entering the value used in the row where your lot is shown.
  9. Enter the exact value. Please note that you could use multiple lots of the same raw material during your batch.

    If you enter a value outside of the margin of error, Albert will show a red dot with a warning.

  10. Albert will then deduct the used raw material amounts from the lot inventory. You do not have to manually update the lot inventory.
  11. Repeat Steps 7 - 10 for all the raw materials listed in the Batch Task.
  12. Confirm by clicking the "Done" button in the top right.

2. Consumption of Inventory as a part of SOP during a Batch Task

  1. You can add Inventory items as part of an SOP while creating a Batch SOP.
  2. When you complete a Task, Albert will ask how much inventory (if they are raw materials or consumables) did you use.
    Note: Only if the Batch SOP has Inventory as a linked parameter, Albert will show a pop-up after completing the Batch Task. 
  3. Albert will then update the inventory accordingly.

Note: You might be also interested in Formulas and in Inventory Overview.

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