Batch Task Labeling

Multi-region Batch Labels 

With the roll-out of multi-region labels users will now see a pop-up field required for batch label generation.  The pop-up will include jurisdiction drop down and default physical properties.  The default physical property values can be configured to align with the material you are generating labels for.   This feature was intended to support compliant multi-region labels and safe use of the product. 


This pop-up may look familiar, it is similar to the pop-up for SDS generation, but, with less required fields.  For more information on SDS generation please go to the SDS Overview article linked. 


Here’s some more background information about Albert’s labeling capabilities: 

Albert provides a sophisticated labeling system to streamline the management of chemical inventory and batches, allowing you to download and print labels for your Inventory items, equipment, lots, and batches. Albert labels are designed to ensure compliance with safety standards and regulations, and to provide users with critical information needed to safely handle and store chemical substances.

Batch labels are intended to provide comprehensive information about the mixtures of individual items constituting that batch. Batch labels are generated based on the information from the Batch Task, providing details about the composition of the batch, the batch number, creation date, task owner, and more. Batch labels employ the SDS rule engine to obtain all Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) information, which defines safety measures, potential hazards, and handling instructions for the batch.


Here’re some quick tips to complete the batch label generation form: 

  1. The Albert system will auto-fill all fields with default values. Review and adjust these fields to describe the material accurately. 
  2. Review and adjust the “Jurisdiction” field to ensure compliance with geo-specific regulations and safety standards.
  3. The field for “Physical state” is currently assumed to be liquid and cannot be adjusted. (The only item that cannot be adjusted is the physical state which will always be liquid for now.) 
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