Parameter Group Overview

In Albert, a Parameter Group represents a unique process or procedure that is run in the laboratory, such as a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Parameter Groups are associated with Tasks and can be combined, similar to Lego blocks, when creating Tasks to track a set of instructions that details the process that is to be followed. 

Parameter Groups are made up of individual parameters that represent the process variables of the Parameter Group. Common examples of parameters include time, temperature, and speed.

Types of Parameter Groups

Parameter Groups will take on a type depending on the type of Task they will later associated with (Batch, Property, or General). For example, when creating a Property Task, Parameter Groups that outline the process to be followed in that Property Task can be added directly to the Task. For more information on Tasks, visit this help article

Searching and Filtering Parameter Groups

Opening up the Parameter Groups module will open a list of all Parameter Groups, smart sorted based on usage. From there, you can easily search, filter on, and sort by a variety of criteria.

For more information on searching and filtering Parameter Groups, navigate to this help article

Creating New Parameter Groups

Note: Only certain individuals will have permission to create new Parameter Groups. Please reach out to your organization's admins for questions on your organization's permission structure.

Before creating a new Parameter Group it is strongly recommended to search through existing Parameter Groups in Albert to ensure the one you're looking for does not already exist.

To create a new Parameter Group, click on "Create" in the Albert navigation panel at the top of the screen and select "Parameter Group". 


The Create New Parameter Group modal will then open up, and you will have the option to create a new Parameter Group to be used in either Property Tasks, Batch Tasks, or General Tasks. Select the desired option at the top of the modal and fill out the required information about your Parameter Group.


  • Select Property when you'd like to create a new Parameter Group to be used in a Property Task, outlining a process that is to be followed when testing the properties of materials.
  • Select Batch when you'd like to create a new Parameter Group that is to be used in a Batch Task, outlining a process that is to be followed when creating a new batch of a formulation.


Under the "Parameter Configuration section", type in the desired parameters you'd like to capture about your Parameter Group. If you go to add a parameter and it does not exist, an "Add New" option will become available, allowing you to create the new parameter. 

Editing Parameter Groups

Edit Parameter Group Details

To edit an existing Parameter Group, navigate to the desired Parameter Group. After you open the Parameter Group, you'll see its details on the left side of the screen. To edit the Parameter Group's details (i.e. Name, Description, Owners, Tags), you can click into the appropriate section to make edits as desired.


Add Additional Parameters

To add additional parameters to your Parameter Group, click on "Add Parameter" above the list of parameters.


Remove Parameters

Parameters can be removed from a Parameter Group by hovering over the parameter you'd like to delete and clicking on the red trash can icon that appears.


Rearrange Parameters

Parameters within a Parameter Group can be re-arranged by dragging and dropping the parameters in the desired order.

Sharing Parameter Groups

Albert allows you to share Parameter Groups with colleagues. Each Parameter Group has a unique URL. To share a Parameter Group, copy the unique URL and share it with colleagues.

Deleting Parameter Groups

You may come across duplicate Parameter Groups that should be merged into a single Parameter Group. If you encounter this, please reach out to your organization's Albert admin(s) so they can merge the data following appropriate change control processes. 

Making a Parameter Group Confidential

If you are working in a confidential project, you might also need to mark your Parameter Group as confidential. This is possible in Albert if you are the owner of the Parameter Group. To make a Parameter Group confidential, navigate to the Parameter Group and click on the three dots next to the Parameter Group's ID and select "Make Confidential."


Note: If you previously marked a Parameter Group as confidential, you can undo this action by clicking on the three-dots menu and selecting "Make Public". 

Parameter Group Documents

A Parameter Group Document is a detailed explanation of how a process is done. This may describe how to use a specific piece of equipment, how to prepare a specimen, etc. These documents will appear inside of the associated Tasks to ensure the Task Owner can see these details while completing a task. Parameter Group versioning controls can be used to ensure Parameter Groups meet ISO standards.

For more information on Parameter Group Documents, navigate to this help article. 

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