Inventory – SDS Section: Add / Remove Pictograms Extracted from SDS

After you create a new raw material / create a new consumable and upload a SDS file, Albert's NLP algorithm will analyze the information of the SDS file to extract the pictograms and keep them in the Database to print the labels.

The current pictogram extraction operates at 94% accuracy (and gets better every day), but there can be a case in which there can be missing pictograms or errors in the extraction. You can edit the pictograms to ensure proper pictograms are ALWAYS printed on your labels.

Adding pictograms

  1. Click on the "Inventory" Module in the top header.
  2. Click on the Name to see the inventory item Details Page that you are interested in: Raw Material or Consumable

    The SDS Section is not applicable for Equipment.
  3. Click on "SDS" on the inventory details page to navigate to the SDS section. Here you will see a list of uploaded SDS files for this inventory item. Under Additional Info, you can see the pictograms that are extracted by Albert.
  4. To add another pictogram for a specific file, simply click on the plus button.
    Note: If there are more than one SDS file, the pictograms that will be printed on the labels will be from the SDS file with the latest revision date.

  5. A list of different pictograms will be shown. Here you can select the pictogram you would like to add.
  6.  The selected pictogram will be added for this SDS file.

Removing pictograms

  1. To remove pictograms, simply hover over the pictogram you want to remove and click on it.
  2. Click on Delete to confirm and the selected pictogram will be removed.

Note: You might be also interested in Inventory – SDS Section: Add or View Safety Data Sheets.

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