Authenticator App – Reset QR code

Reset QR Code

You can reset your QR code to set up the authenticator app: 

  1. Log out of Albert from all your browsers.

  2. Go to the Albert Login page: and type your email.
    If you are trying to access DEMO please go to 

  3. Click on “Resend Activation Email”.
    Note: DEMO does not have the SSO functionality.

  4. This will reset your authentication code and your previous code will stop working. Confirm that you want to reset your code by clicking on “Resend Activation Email”.

  5. Find the email from Albert (it may be found in your junk mailbox). If the email was in your junk mailbox, you should drag the email into your inbox (otherwise the links will not work).
  6. Click on the "Reset Code" button in the email body.

  7. The link will be opened in your default browser, be sure to use Microsoft Edge or Chrome. (Internet Explorer and other browsers will not work).

  8. If the QR code does not appear (after you clicked on the activation link), you may need to log out of Albert and re-open the activation link (steps #1 and #6).

  9. Open the Google or Microsoft Authenticator App, click on the plus '+' icon to add a new code, and scan the QR code on the web page. This will give you a 6 digit code.

    • Google Authenticator: “Scan a QR code”
      Authentication – Baltic Bearing Supply GmbH

    • Microsoft Authenticator - What kind of account: Other
      Issue Credentials to Microsoft Authenticator | Decentralized Identity  Developer Docs

  10. Type in the 6 digit code and press enter to sign in on Albert. Your authenticator will be set.

Note: the authenticator app works as an alternative sign-in method to SSO and will allow you to use the Albert Mobile App (Android and iOS).

If you are using DEMO you will not be able to access Albert Mobile App.

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