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Albert's reporting grid features integrated charting functionality, which allows users to chart directly inside the grid. Charts are designed to provide an out-of-the box charting experience, similar to that found in spreadsheet applications such as Excel, but more compellingly it will be integrated inside your applications. You can visualize your data with many common charts including column, bar, pie, line, scatter, area, and histogram visualizations. 


  • Select a cell range of numeric values in the grid by dragging the mouse over a range of cells.
  • Bring up the context menu and select the desired chart type from the 'Chart Range' sub menu.
  • The animation below highlights a number of charting features. 


Chart Ranges, Categories & Series

When a chart is created, corresponding chart ranges appear in the grid and can be adjusted via the chart range handle.

Columns can be configured as either categories or series for charting. If not configured then the grid will infer whether a column contains category or series data.

Chart Toolbar

The chart toolbar is located in the top right area of the chart and allows a user to:

  • Change the chart type
  • Change the theme
  • Change which columns are used as categories and series
  • Format different aspects of the chart
  • Unlink the chart from the grid
  • Download the chart

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