Tasks – Using Inventory in a Batch Task

In Albert, all Inventory items used in Tasks are interlinked. When inventory is used or consumed during a task, Albert will automatically update the inventory in real-time and show updated results. This way, you will see real-time inventory information and you can plan in advance before starting Tasks.

There are two ways in which an inventory item is consumed in Albert:

Consumption of raw materials during a Batch Task

  1. After you designed your formula, created the batch task, and claimed the task you can start the task. 

  2. Change the status of the Batch Task to "In Progress (Start Task)".
  3. Define the quantity of the raw materials used for the batch within the Batch Task. For this purpose, open the raw material's drop-down menu. All available lots at your location will be displayed. You can define the quantity used either manually or using the Quick Batch option.

    In case you define the quantities manually, you need to enter the quantity in the field corresponding to the lot you are working with. Enter the exact quantity. This quantity will be deducted from the corresponding lot.

    Please note that you could use multiple lots of the same raw material during your batch.

    If you enter a value outside of the margin of error, Albert will show a red dot with a warning.

    If you use the Quick Batch option, you only need to select the lot you are working with. The quantity of raw material defined for this batch will be deducted from the raw material inventory.

    You can also select the lot of a raw material by scanning the physical inventory item. As with the Quick Batch option, the predefined quantity will be indicated.

  4. Albert will then deduct the used raw material amounts from the lot inventory. You do not have to manually update the lot inventory.
  5. Repeat step 2 for all the raw materials listed in the Batch Task.
  6. Change the status of the Task to "Completed (Complete Task)".


Consumption of Inventory as a part of the Parameter Groups (PGs) during a Batch Task

  1. You can add an inventory item as a parameter within a PG. Select either "Consumables" or "Equipment" as the parameter. 
  2. Select the corresponding inventory item in the drop-down menu of the Default Value column. You can also add a short name to specify this parameter.
  3. When creating a Batch Task, you can assign the PG created. 
  4. Start the Batch Task.
  5. When you complete the Batch Task, the Allocate Inventory pop-up will appear. Select the inventory items you used and set the quantity you used. Click "Confirm & Complete".

    Note: Only if the PG has Inventory as a linked parameter, Albert will show a pop-up after completing the Batch Task. 
  6. Albert will then update the inventory accordingly.


Note: You might be also interested in Inventory Overview.

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