Inventory – Usage Data Section: Who Else Has Used an Inventory Item?

The Usage Data Section allows you to see where and how an inventory item has been historically used. The information is slightly different depending on the inventory item you are looking at.


Accessing the Usage Data Section

  1. Click on the "Inventory" Module in the top header.

  2. Click on the Name to see the Raw Material Details Page.

  3. Click on "Usage Data" to navigate to the Usage Data Section.

  4. Review the information according to the inventory item.
    Field Description
    Median Concentration Indicates the median usage concentrations of this raw material in formulas throughout Albert.
    Total Formulas Used in Indicates the total amount of formulas that the raw material is used in.
    Most Used By Indicates users that commonly use this raw material so that you know who to contact with questions.
    Technologies Indicates the technologies in which this raw material is used. You can also filter by the different technologies to only see data relevant to you.
    Concentration Distribution

    Indicates the concentration distribution of the raw material in each formula.

    Commonly used with

    Indicates other raw materials that are commonly used with this raw material.

Note: You might be also interested in Inventory – Lots Section and Inventory – Pricing Section.

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