Inventory – Composition Section: CAS

Albert allows you to identify and manage all chemical substances. Generally, these chemical substances are identified by CAS Numbers. You can find the CAS numbers in Section 3 of the raw material SDS file.

Adding a new CAS to an Inventory Item

  1. Click on the "Inventory" Module in the top header.

  2. Click on the Name to see the inventory item Details Page that you are interested in: Raw Material or Consumable.
    Raw Materials Consumables
    001_raw_materials.png 002_consumables.png
  3. Click on "Composition". Here you will see a list of CAS associated to this raw material.
  4. Click on "Add CAS Number" and this will add a row to the grid:
    Note: If you are unable to see "Add CAS Number", it means the inventory item is locked. Please contact support if you would like to modify the composition.

  5. Click on "Select CAS Name" and input the CAS number you are interested in. Click on the number to select the CAS number from an existing record.

    Creating a CAS number that does not exist in Albert

    If the CAS number does not exist in Albert, you can add it by indicating the number and clicking on "Add New: <number>"

    You will see a pop-up asking if the CAS is a real CAS Number or an Unknown (Trade Secret). Confirm the creation of the new CAS number by clicking on "Add" 

  6. After selecting the CAS number, Albert will show the chemical structure. Hover on it to see a larger image.


  7. Set the minimum and maximum percentage.
  8. Click on the "Save" button once you are done.

Adding multiple CAS numbers

You can add multiple CAS number to a raw material repeating steps 4 to 5. Each CAS must have a name, minimum, and maximum percentage.


Deleting a CAS number

  1. Click on the trash icon.
  2. Click on "Delete".
  3. Click on the "Save" to confirm your changes.

Viewing CAS details

  1. Click on the CAS number.
  2. You will see a pop-up with all the information of the CAS number.

  3. Click "Save" or "Cancel" in the bottom right.


Note: You might be also interested in Raw Material - Overview or the View and Manage CAS List

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