Linked Tasks

Albert allows for seamless delegation and management of work through Tasks. Tasks allow you to manage and track your daily work and collaborate with colleagues. When a Task is created, it is always assigned to an Albert location and can be found in the Tasks module.

The Linked Tasks section within a tasks' detail page provides flexibility in managing various tasks in one place. The section is present in all types of tasks (batch, property, and general). Tasks related to the same lot or QC tasks are linked automatically.

In addition, any other tasks can be linked manually by clicking the "Link Tasks" button at the top right. 

The Linked Tasks section allows you to directly change the "Status" or the person the task is "Assigned To". 

Clicking the "Pass/Fail" option of a QC task opens a pop-up that shows the target value and result of this QC task. From this pop-up, the QC task itself can be accessed by clicking "Open Task Details". In general, all linked tasks can be accessed with one click on the task name on the left.

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