Project Home

The Project Home is the landing page that displays important information pertaining to a particular Project. From this page, it becomes simple to tell how many products, tasks, and collaborators are involved in the Project. Clicking on Products, Tasks, Collaborators, and Notes under the Project name shows a brief overview of information related to the Project. The Project Home allows for easy sorting, filtering, and searching of Tasks within a Project.

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Bulk Task Updates

This task list view also allows for bulk task updates by utilizing the check box feature to update the status, assignee, or due date of multiple tasks at the same time.

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Manage Project Details

Project details and access controls can be accessed through the “Manage Details” button in the upper right corner. This is the same information used to create the Project.

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Task Filtering

The same filtering capabilities are present as in other search modules in Albert. Only tasks associated with the Project you are viewing are displayed. The option to save frequently used filters is also available as they are in other areas of Albert.

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Start a new Task

Starting a new task is easy in Project Home by clicking the + button next to the Sort By feature. This one-click functionality automatically opens the side panel to create a new task.

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Additonal Features

The three dots next to the Project name allow you to copy the Project link, open the Project in a new tab, and mark the Project as confidential.

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