Worksheet Overview

Welcome to the Worksheet! The Worksheet is packed with capabilities so you can manage and organize your data more effectively than ever before. 

The Worksheet is a core pillar of the Albert platform and is one of the most highly used features. The Worksheet lives within Projects and allows you to plan, store, design, and track your formulas and products in an Excel-like format, enriching the experience with interconnected data. 

The Worksheet:

  • Serves as a single command center for you to manage all of your products and data
  • Provides an Excel-like, grid-based solution designed for the Innovator
  • Provides extreme flexibility to support a wide range of use cases
  • Is built upon a powerful search engine, so you can always find what you are looking for
  • Allows for faster data entry and access to basic reporting
  • Can contain multiple sheets

The Worksheet is made up of the Product Design grid, the Results grid, and the Apps grid. The Worksheet allows you to design a wide range of products with a lot of flexibility with all of your information in a single view.

The Product Design grid acts as the home where you can design all of your products and formulations.

The Results grid allows you to view all of the Property Tasks and data you've created within a Project. This allows you to view your results data inline with the products its associated with.

The Apps grid is where you can gather additional insights about your products (i.e. pricing), do custom reporting, and manage your notes.

Key Features

  1. Excel-like calculations, now in your Worksheet!
    • Just type = and search from over 300 functions to use in your formulating experience.
    • You will be able to click on cells to add them to your calculations - similar to Excel. For more information on this functionality, please go to this help article.

  2. Group Rows. Add blank rows and columns.
    • Organize your raw materials with row groups. Cluster rows by chemical reaction group or formulation parts.
    • There's more. Add blank rows or columns to enter notes or calculations in any location.
  3. Hover to explore the power of Worksheet.
    • Hover on row and column headers to perform actions. The "..." icon will allow you to perform all of the actions that you need.
    • Add rows and columns in line. Pin or unpin columns. Remove rows and columns and more

Opening the Worksheet

To open the Worksheet, first navigate to the Project in which you are working using the tool bar at the top. You can also Create a New Project. For more information on Projects, see this help article. The Worksheet tab is where the Formulation section was before. Click on it to open up the Worksheet.

Adding Sheets

You can add several sheets to facilitate managing larger projects.

Searching and Filtering the Worksheet

The Worksheet offers you search and filter capabilities that allow you to filter down to focus only on the Products and Formulas you're working on at a given time.

For more information on this functionality, please go to this help article.

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