Worksheet - Adding and Removing Columns

Welcome to the Worksheet! The Worksheet is packed with capabilities so you can manage and organize your data more effectively than ever before. 

Adding Columns to the Worksheet

There are three types of columns that can be added to the Worksheet:

  1. Product / Formula columns
    • Product / Formula columns are used to add a column into the Worksheet for a new Product / Formula want included in the Project.
  2. Blank columns
    • Blank columns are used to add a new column into the Worksheet for notes and / or calculations on the Product / Formula columns.
  3. Lookup columns
    • Lookup columns are used to add attributes of an inventory item to the grid. This includes alias, description, and more.

There are two ways to add columns to the Worksheet:

  1. Click the three dots (...) on the right side of any column as you hover over it. Then, from the drop down, select the type of column you want to add. The column will be added immediately to the left of the column selected.
  2. Clicking anywhere on the gray divider or on the plus (+) sign at the top in the middle of the Worksheet. The column will automatically be added to the first position to the right of the divider (first unpinned column).

Removing Columns from the Worksheet

The Remove Column functionality is used to delete an unused or accidentally created Blank Column out of the Worksheet, click the three dots (...) on the right side of the column you want to delete, and select Remove Column from the drop down. (TIP: You can only delete blank columns and lookup columns from the grid, Products / Formulas are not able to be deleted.) (13)_11f9e5.gif

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