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Welcome to the Worksheet! The Worksheet is packed with capabilities so you can manage and organize your data more effectively than ever before. 

Apps Grid

The goal of the Apps Grid is to allow future applications to be built and to allow you to bring in more complex calculations that you can manage out of this section. The apps grid is great for adding notes or adding in the custom rows to give you more information on your products!

Six different row types are supported by the Apps Grid:

  1. Tag rows
  2. Pricing rows
  3. Predecessor rows
  4. Batch rows
  5. Blank rows
  6. Lookup rows


Tag Rows

Tag Rows pull in any tags associated with your formulations.

Add new Tags to your Grid directly from the Grid. Hover over the cell and click the pencil on the right side to edit the tags for the specific Product / Formula. From there, you can select any currently existing tag using the search bar or the scroll functionality and clicking the checkbox to add. The search will filter as you type when searching for a specific tag and will automatically update with the new tags. You can also add any new tag by typing in the search bar the name of the tag you want to add, then selecting the "+ Add" at the bottom of the pop-up. The new tag will automatically be added and active. Click off the pop-up to close the add tags section. To deselect a tag, simply click on the pencil to edit the tags, and uncheck the box next to the tag no longer needed. You can also edit / view tags by simply clicking on an existing tag which will open the Tags pop-up.

TIP: Tags are an important filter method, so using appropriate tags in this section can make the Worksheet more organized. (14).gif


Pricing Rows

Pricing rows calculate the total price of a designed Product or Formula based on pricing information of each raw material.

Clicking on "Average" allows one to choose between Average, Minimum, or Maximum pricing information. You can also select total prices by location. All values within the cells will update automatically. 

When you hover over the pricing cell of a formula, the "Pricing Breakdown" button will appear. Clicking this button will display the pricing details for each raw material within the formula. To hide this information, click the button again.


Predecessor Rows

Predecessor rows allow you to track the parent Product / Formula was designed from.

When you hover over the predecessor cell, a pencil icon will appear. Clicking the pencil will open a list of options for different predecessors to choose from.

TIP: Predecessor rows allow for easy tracking from which specific Products / Formulas were designed.


Batch Rows

The Batches Row links all batches created for a specific Formula. Two icons appear when hovering over the cell:

  1. The arrow icon opens a pop-up showing all linked batches. You can access the individual Batch Tasks' pages by clicking on its Albert ID. At the bottom left of the pop-up, you have the possibility to create a new Batch Task for the Formula.
  2. The plus "+" icon also allows you to create a new Batch Task for this Formula.


Blank Rows 

Blank rows in the Apps Grid allow you to take notes on your Products / Formulas.

There are two ways to add blank rows to the Apps Grid.

  1. Click the + sign next to the Apps header in the Worksheet, and select Add a Blank Row. This adds a blank row in the first position of the Apps grid.
  2. Click the three dots (...) next to any name cell in the Apps grid and select Add a Blank Row. This adds a blank row inline to the selected row.

TIP: Another row is automatically added until you leave a row empty or click off of the grid!


Lookup Rows

Lookup Rows allow you to add additional properties of the Formula to the Worksheet. This includes, e.g., the description and alias stored in the Formulas's Inventory Item page. These rows can be added in the same way as Blank Rows (see description above). 


Blank, Lookup, Tag, and Predecessor Rows can be removed from the App Grid. For this purpose, click on the three dots (...) that appear when hovering over the name cell and select "Remove Row". You can add the rows again as explained above for Blank Rows. The Tag and Predecessor Rows can be re-added as Lookup rows.

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  • Is the height of a row is now fixed as only 1? I have legacy projects which had multiple lines of text in the Result and Purpose section which now have become unusable at a quick glance,  as it appears the row is not text wrapped or appears not adjustable by height?


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