Parameter Group History

In Albert, a Parameter Group represents a unique process or procedure that is run in the laboratory, such as a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Parameter Groups are associated with Tasks and can be combined, similar to Lego blocks, when creating Tasks to track a set of instructions that details the process that is to be followed. 

Parameter Groups are made up of individual parameters that represent the process variables of the Parameter Group. Common examples of parameters include time, temperature, and speed.

For more information on Parameter Groups, navigate to this help article.

Parameter Group History

When working on a Task, if one or more parameter values in one or more of the Parameter Groups are changed from the original set points, the user can revert the values back to the original Parameter Group from the Task screen.

If a Parameter Group within a task has changed, an "Edit" appears next to the Parameter Group's name. The original changed value will appear crossed off.

If these changes are okay, leave it as is. Otherwise, you can restore a previous version of the Parameter Group. For this purpose, click on the three dots "..." next to the Parameter Group's "Edit" button and select "View Version History". 

Select the version you would like to restore by clicking "View Details".

Then click "Restore Version" in the Parameter Group Edits pop-up.


The restore version also works if multiple changes to Parameter Groups were made (i.e. additional Parameter Groups were added after Task creation). Following the same process, the user can restore the Parameter Groups to any previous configuration from the Version History. 


This allows for easily restoring previous versions of the Task if Parameter Groups were accidentally added or deleted, as well as providing an audit tool from within the application.

Limits on Parameter Group History

NOTE: Currently, this functionality will only allow for restoring modified values in the Parameter Group inside of the Task. It will not be able to track deleted, modified, or added Parameters from the Parameter Group outside of the Task.

Example: If a user creates a Task with PGx, then modifies PGx from the Parameter Group page itself after Task creation, this new version of the Parameter Group cannot be restored into the Task without re-adding the Parameter Group back into the Task.

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