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Welcome to the Worksheet! The Worksheet is packed with capabilities so you can manage and organize your data more effectively than ever before. 

Product Design Grid

The Product Design Grid serves as the home where you can design all of your products, whether its a formulated product, a battery, a complex substrate, synthesis, etc. Items in the Product Design Grid are what will be passed onto the Batch Task for batch manufacturing. The Product Design Grid is made up of:

  • Inventory Rows - for adding Inventory items to your Products / Formulas
  • Blank Rows - for adding notes / calculations for your Products / Formulas

Currently, only Inventory rows from this section will appear in your batch task.


Screenshot 2023-07-12 at 10.35.17 AM.png

Collapse and Expand the Product Design Grid by hovering over the caret to the left of Product Design and clicking.

Screenshot 2023-07-18 at 12.38.22 PM.png

Adding Rows to the Product Design Grid

The two types of rows you can add to the Product Design Grid are Inventory Rows and Blank Rows.

Inventory rows allow you to add inventory items directly into the Product Design Grid for use in your Products / Formulas. You can add any inventory item using the search function (will filter as you type) or by scrolling on the right side of the inventory pop-up.

Blank rows allow you to add notes and/or calculations directly into the Product Design Grid. You can then insert any notes or custom calculations you want included in the Grid. Any row without an input will automatically be deleted from the grid.

(TIP: Another row is automatically added until you leave a row empty or click off of the grid!)

There are two ways to add rows to the Product Design Grid.

The first way is to click the + icon next to Product Design Grid to create rows (Add a Blank Row or Add an Inventory Row). 


Screenshot 2023-07-05 at 12.22.37 PM.png


You can use the search function to find specific Inventory items (will filter as you type). You can then add the Inventory item by clicking on the item. You can also use the context menu from the Inventory pop-up to view details for each item.


Screenshot 2023-07-05 at 12.23.47 PM.png

(TIP: You can also use the scroll function in the search pop-up to look through different inventory items.)

The second way to add rows is: the Product Design Grid allows you to add an Inventory item or Blank Row inline to the formulation by hovering over a row and clicking the three dots (...) on the right side of the inventory item and clicking the Add a Blank Row or Add an Inventory Row drop down. You can then: select any Inventory item from the list or by using the Search bar at the top or insert the respective notes / calculations for the inventory item in the new row. You can add multiple Inventory items without leaving the pop-up. To leave, simply click off of the pop-up. Any row without an Inventory item selected or with data inputted in the name cell will automatically be deleted from the grid. (16).gif


Inventory Details

To view the details of a specific Inventory item, click the three dots (...) next to the inventory item (will appear when hovering), and select Expand Summary. A pop-up will appear with the Inventory information. You can then select to open it in a new tab by clicking the View Details from the pop-up.


Screenshot 2023-07-17 at 5.44.48 PM.png


Screenshot 2023-07-12 at 11.20.27 AM.png


Deleting Rows from the Product Design Grid

You can delete rows from the Product Design Grid if accidentally created or if no longer needed. The functionality works for the following:

  • Remove all blank rows (even if there is data) 
  • You can remove Inventory rows ONLY if there is no data entered in any of the Product / Formula columns (17).gif

(TIP: To remove an Inventory row with data in the row, you can either remove all data in the row or Archive as a Row Group and move it out of the way.)

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