Saved Filters

Saved filters are used in the Inventory and Task modules for quick navigation to frequently viewed data. This allows you to easily find and open specific items without having to re-filter every time you open the application. To save a filter for easy viewing, open up the Inventory or Tasks module and select the filters for which you organize regularly. Once the filter workflow is selected, go to the "Save Filter" button to the right of the search bar, and type in the preferred name for the filter (tip: keeping these nomenclatures consistent will allow for easy navigation!)

Screenshot 2023-08-16 101600.png

To select a saved filter, simply select the Filter from the Saved Filters drop-down after clicking on the Project, Task, or Inventory modules.

Screenshot 2023-08-16 102209.png

Saved filters are saved at the user level, meaning no one else can see your saved filter options. Saved filters are also saved independently to the Project, Task, or Inventory modules, meaning you will not see saved Tasks filters in Inventory and vice versa.

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