Inventory – Quarantined Lots

Albert allows you to quarantine a lot in the case that you have a inventory item that is no longer suitable for use but you want to keep it in the inventory. By quarantining the lot, you will still be able to reference the material but will no longer be able to use that specific lot in a batch.


Quarantining an Inventory Item

There are two ways to quarantine an inventory item.

For the first way, follow the procedure described below:

  1. Click on the "Inventory" module in the top header.
  2. Click on the name of the inventory item (Raw Material, Consumable, or Equipment) to see its details page.
    Raw Materials Consumables Equipment
  3. Click on "Data" which will bring you to the Data Section for this inventory item.
  4. Select the biohazard symbol next to the lot number you would like to quarantine.

  5. A warning will pop up alerting you that you will need to manually remove the quarantine in the future if you would like to use the lot. Select "Yes" to confirm.

    The icon will turn red, indicating that the lot has now been quarantined. To remove the lot from quarantine, click the corresponding biohazard icon again.


Alternatively, you can quarantine a lot by clicking on the three dots "..." that appear when hovering over the desired lot. 

Click on "Quarantine" in the pop-up and then confirm with "Yes".



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