Inventory – Barcode Scanning

Albert allows you to use a Barcode Scanner connected to the Albert Hub (computer) to access the inventory items (raw materials, consumables, equipment, and formulas) easily and quickly. This functionality will facilitate your daily activities to update the inventory. 


Scanning an inventory item

  1. Open Albert in your browser and turn on the scanner (verify it is connected to the computer via Bluetooth or USB cable).
  2. Select (physically) the inventory item you are interested in and identify the barcode location.
  3. Hold the scanner pointing to the barcode and press the scanner button (trigger).

    If you are using your iPad, open the Barcode functionality in the "Apps" section on the top right. Then use your camera to scan the barcode. The first time you use this you will have to grant access to the camera in your browser.

  4. Albert will show a pop-up window with the information of the inventory item.

Using shortcuts from the Barcode Scanning

After scanning the barcode, Albert allows you several functionalities.

Inventory Adjustment

Inventory Transfer

View Details

  • Click on "View Details"
  • Albert will open the inventory item Details Page. Check Inventory Overview
  • Formulas, do not show this option.


Note: You might be also interested inOther - Scanner Configuration and Inventory Overview.

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