Mobile App – Inventory: Scanning an SDS

If you have a physical copy of a SDS for your Raw Material or Consumable, you can easily scan it using the Albert Mobile App. To find out more about SDS, see Inventory – SDS Section: Add or View Safety Data Sheets.

  1. Tap on Inventory and select either Raw Materials or Consumables.
  2. Search and filter for the inventory item you would like to add an SDS to.
  3. Tap on SDS. Here you will see a list of all the SDS uploaded for the inventory item. You can download them by tapping on the file.
  4. To add a new SDS, click on the '+' plus icon at the bottom.
  5. The camera application in your device will start. Hold your device directly above the first page of the SDS.
    Once the application recognize the edges of the SDS page, a blue box will appear on top the document. The message "Document found, please remain steady" will be displayed. 
    You can also take a picture without waiting for the blue box to appear, but you might have to crop it manually later.
  6. Press on the middle button at the bottom to scan the document. The number in the circle represents the number of pictures that has already been captured.
  7. The scan of the SDS page will be shown. Click on the magic wand button to edit it. Here you can click crop the page or delete it.
  8. If you don't click on the edit button, you will be brought to the camera screen again after a few seconds.
  9. If you have more pages to capture, repeat the steps above.
  10. After scanning the last page, press "Done".
  11. By swiping left and right, you can view the scanned SDS. You can make edits to the individual pages by clicking on the edit button or add new pages by clicking on the plus button.
  12. Once you are finished and are happy with the SDS, click on the tick button to confirm.
  13. A PDF will be generated and you can add the revision date, as well as an UN number if applicable. Click Save.

Pictograms for your lot labels will be automatically extracted from the SDS file with the latest revision date. You can check the pictograms by accessing the Web application. You also have the option to edit the pictograms if needed.


Note: You might be interested in Mobile App – Inventory Transfer or Mobile App – Inventory Adjustment.


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