Formula Grid Statuses

Formula Grid Statuses

The formulas in your project Formula Grid can have one of three different statuses (Incomplete, Completed, Locked). The status of the formula determines the commands that are available to work with this formula and are defined as follows:

  • Incomplete: The initial status of each formula is incomplete. Adding raw materials and their concentration and completing the "Purpose" field will change the status of a formula from Incomplete to Complete.
  • Complete: Complete formulas contain raw materials with a concentration, and the purpose is defined. Complete formulas can be used in Batch or Property Tasks, and can be modified. 
  • Locked: A locked formula has either been used in a Batch Task, or was added to the list of raw materials as an intermediate product and can no longer be edited.

Changing the Status of a Formula from Incomplete to Complete

To change the status of a formula from Incomplete to Complete, you must 1) add raw materials and their concentration and 2) complete the "Purpose" field. Fulfilling these two criteria will automatically change the status of the formula from Incomplete to Complete. Once a formula is completed, it can be used in a Batch or Property Task.

Changing the Status of a Formula from Complete to Locked

Using a completed formula in a Batch or Property Task will automatically set the status to Locked. 

Unlocking Locked Formulas

With Albert, you can unlock formulas to edit them in the same way that you would draw a line through incorrect data in a notebook to replace it with the correct information. This allows you to correct any mistakes made when producing a batch so that you don't need to create a new formula. 

In the Formula Grid, navigate to a locked Formula. (Note: You can tell whether a Formula is locked by whether there is a lock icon under its ID.


Click the three dots next to the lock icon and select "Unlock Formula." 


When the confirmation modal pops up, click on Yes to confirm that you want to unlock the Formula. 


Once the Formula is unlocked, Albert will show a confirmation pop-up in the top right of your screen, and your Formula will turn back to green to indicate that it is no longer locked. You can now edit the Formula. The Formula will be automatically locked again after being used in a new Property or Batch Task.


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