Searching and Filtering Parameter Groups

In Albert, a Parameter Group represents a unique process or procedure that is run in the laboratory, such as a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Parameter Groups are associated with Tasks and can be combined, similar to Lego blocks, when creating Tasks to track a set of instructions that details the process that is to be followed. 

Parameter Groups are made up of individual parameters that represent the process variables of the Parameter Group. Common examples of parameters include time, temperature, and speed.

Parameter Groups will take on a type depending on the type of Task they are associated with (Batch, Property, or General). For more information on the various types of Tasks, visit this help article

Searching for Parameter Groups

Opening up the Parameter Groups module will open a list of all of your organization's Parameter Groups. From there, you can easily search, filter on, and sort by a variety of criteria to narrow down your Parameter Group search further.

Search: Ask Albert

To search for a specific Parameter Group, navigate to the Ask Albert search bar at the top of the Parameter Group module, type in your desired keywords, and hit 'Enter'. 


Filter On

The panel with which you can apply filters is on the lefthand side of the Parameter Group module. Multiple filter options and multiple filters within each option can be applied to narrow down the list of Parameter Groups that apply to what you're looking for. The number of items that will appear after a selected filter is applied sits next to the name of the filter, as shown below. As you check off filters, new numbers will populate based on how many items fit the newly selected criteria. 

The full list of fields that can be filtered on are as follows:

Filter Description
Parameter Filter by a specific parameter you are interested in
Type Filter by the type of Parameter Group (General, Batch, or Property)
Tags Filter by tags associated with the Parameter Groups
Owner Filter all Parameter Groups created by a specific Albert user

Sort By

You are able to sort the full or filtered list of Parameter Groups by relevancy, by date created, and alphabetically.


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