Searching and Filtering the Inventory

Albert Inventory serves as a digital manifestation of your physical inventory, enabling you to sort, filter, trace, and manage all types of inventory. 

Searching the Inventory

Opening up the Inventory module will open a list of saved filters as well as an option to view all Inventory. For more information on the types of inventory categories available, navigate to this help article.


When selecting any of the above filters, the Inventory module will open and apply the respective filter, showing all of the available Inventory items within that category (i.e. when selecting the Consumables filter, all Inventory Consumables will populate the list).

Whether you are selecting any of the above filters or viewing all Inventory, you can easily search, filter on, and sort by a variety of criteria to narrow down your Inventory search further.

Search: Ask Albert

To search for a specific Inventory item, navigate to the Ask Albert search bar at the top of the Inventory module, type in your desired keywords, and hit 'Enter'. 


Filter On

The panel with which you can apply filters is on the lefthand side of the Inventory module. Multiple filter options and multiple filters within each option can be applied to narrow down the list of Inventory that apply to what you're looking for. The number of items that will appear after a selected filter is applied sits next to the name of the filter, as shown below. As you check off filters, new numbers will populate based on how many items fit the newly selected criteria. 

The full list of fields that can be filtered on are as follows:

Filter Options Description
 Category  Filter by the category of the Inventory item (Formula, etc.)
 Manufacturer  Filter by the manufacturer name
 CAS Number  Filter by CAS number
 Tags  Filter by tags associated with the items
 Location  Filter by location of the item
 Storage Location  Filter by storage location 
 Pictograms  Filter by the Pictograms associated with the item
 Quarantine Status  Filter based on whether an item is quarantined or not
 Created By  Filter by the user who created the Inventory   item
 Lot Created By  Filter by the user who created the Lot
 Inventory On Hand  Select to see items with available amounts >0
 Expiration Date  Filter based on the timeframe in which the   item expires (Overdue, Today, This Week, This   Month, Later)


Tip: Use saved filters to quickly and easily navigate common Inventory searches! For more information on saved filters, navigate to this help article.


Sort By

You are able to sort the full or filtered list of Inventory by relevancy, by the quantity of Inventory on hand, by date created, and alphabetically.



Search Tips and Tricks

Searching by Lot Number

You can search for the Lot number directly in the Search bar. For the most accurate search results, remove the prefix ("B" for batch Lots) or search using quotes. For example:


AND Operator

Use the AND operator to find items that hit both search criteria. For example: Sigma-Aldrich AND Butyl Stearate


Exact Matches Using Quotes

If your search comes back with more results than you were hoping for, wrap your search term in quotations to refine the search even further. For example: Sigma-Aldrich AND "Butyl Stearate"


Field Level Callout

If you would prefer to use the search bar rather than using filters, you can call out specific fields you would like to search on. For example: manufacturer:sigma-aldrich 


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