Tasks Overview

Albert allows for seamless delegation and management of work through Tasks. Tasks allow you to manage and track your daily work and collaborate with colleagues. When a Task is created, it is always assigned to an Albert location and can be found in the Tasks module.

Types of Tasks

There are three types of tasks within Albert: 1) Batch Tasks, 2) Property Tasks, and 3) General Tasks. 

  • A Batch Task is how you manufacture a batch within Albert after creating a new formulation.
  • A Property Task in Albert is how you create a task to test and document the properties of a formulation created in batch tasks or of raw materials. 
  • A General Task is anything and everything else happening in the lab that is not a Batch or Property Task (i.e. equipment calibration). 

Task Statuses

Albert allows you to track the status of a Task in five stages:

  1. Unclaimed
  2. Not Started 
  3. In Progress
  4. Completed
  5. Closed

For information on changing the status of a Task, navigate to this help article.

Searching and filtering Tasks

Opening up the Task module will open a list of all Tasks. From there, you can easily search, filter on, and sort by a variety of criteria.

For more information on searching and filtering Tasks, navigate to this help article.

Creating and Editing Tasks

To create a new Batch Task, Property Task, or General Task, click on "Create" in the Albert navigation panel at the top of the screen and select "Task". Click on the desired Task type and fill out the required information. 

For more information on creating and editing Tasks, navigate to this help article.

Sharing Tasks

Albert allows you to share Tasks with colleagues. Colleagues will be able to see all Property and General Tasks, and will be able to see Batch Tasks with appropriate access. (Only Task owners, creators, or users will access to a given Formula will be able to open the Batch Tasks associated with that Formula.)

Each Task has a unique URL. To share a Task, copy the unique URL and share it with colleagues.

Duplicating Tasks

To duplicate a Task, navigate to the desired Task and click on the three dots next to the Task ID. From there, select "Duplicate" from the dropdown menu.

A Create New Task modal will pop up on the righthand side of your screen prompting you to fill out information about your Task. All the details from the Task you're duplicating will populate in this popup and can be changed as desired. Select "Create" to create the duplicate Task.

Deleting Tasks

Albert allows you to delete Tasks that you are the creator of. To delete a Task, navigate to the Task and click on the three dots next to the Task ID. From there, select "Delete Task" from the dropdown menu.

Albert will then ask you to confirm that you'd like to delete the Task. 

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