Barcode Scanning and Label Printing


Albert allows you to use a Barcode Scanner to quickly and easily access Inventory items and update the Inventory. 

Note: Barcode scanners do not need to be configured to work with Albert. 

Label Printing

Labels for Lots in the Inventory can be downloaded and printed from Albert. To download a label for a Lot in the Inventory, navigate to the Inventory module and search for your desired Inventory item. (For more information on searching the Inventory, click here.) 

Click on the desired Inventory item to open it. Under the Lots header, navigate to the Lot you'd like to print a label for, click on the three dots, and select "Download Label." 


The label will download as a PDF and can be printed from there.

Barcode Scanning

Scanning an Inventory Item Label

  1. Open Albert in your browser and turn on the scanner (verify it is connected to the computer via Bluetooth or USB cable).
  2. Physically select the inventory item you are interested in and identify the barcode location.
  3. Tap Barcode at the bottom of your Albert mobile app screen. The camera application of your device will start. 
  4. Point your device's camera at the barcode 
  5. Once scanned, the Lot's details page will open up, where you can perform actions such as inventory transfer or adjustment.

Scanning a Task Label

  1. Tap Barcode on the bottom of your screen. The camera application on your mobile device will start.
  2. Point your device's camera at the barcode.
  3. Once scanned, you will be brought directly to the batch or property task, where you can claim the task or view details, such as notes and Parameter Groups. You can also view the data for Property Tasks.
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